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how do you know your twine is working?

A couple of times I've asked if a rule could be added allowing the twine to send an alert based on time of day or similar.  I've got a polite "not on the roadmap" response each time.  But I'm baffled.  I want to rely on the twine to monitor "stuff" (in my case a data center in my garage - temp, water, power, door open on server cabinet). But unless I know that the twine is working, I can't be sure that I'm protected.
I can of course poll the page  but that's a pain in the ass - what I want is a daily alert at noon saying "all is well" (or even hourly)
Recently I discovered that the twine had been off for some time  - psu failure. doh!
I thought my requested feature was pretty fundamental but clearly not so how is anyone else dealing with this limitation? 

My current plan is to take a Raspberry Pi and create my own twine equivalent but that seems such a waste of time when it's so close to be useful.


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