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Using Twine

  • Tips and Troubleshooting

    Something not working as expected? Ask for help here. Doing something great to optimize Twine? Share here. *While we browse the forums, we can’t respond to everything. The best way to get help directly from Supermechanical is to email us at
  • At home

    What are you doing with Twine? Share it with the rest of us. Need input on how to bring your project to life? Ask for help here.
  • At work

    What problems does Twine solve for your business? Share solutions, look for help.
  • In the classroom

    Twine observes and measures the natural world. Share lesson plans and ideas for experiments.
  • Feature requests

    Twine is young, and still has much to learn. What do you want to see in the future? Vote on others' requests, too.
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